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Foundation Crack Repairs in Gatineau

Do you notice cracks in your foundation?


To resolve this, we carry out an inspection before the work is carried out to determine the cause. Then, based on our many years of experience in this field, we will suggest a solution to your problem. We carry out the repairs and waterproofing of your foundation in an appropriate manner.

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How to Avoid Cracks in the Foundation?

Whether small or large, cracks are caused by water seeping into the concrete foundation. When there is no drainage system, the accumulation of water creates a waterproofing problem that is harmful to your environment. If you notice cracks in your walls, mould or a waterproofing problem, contact the professionals at Entreprises Nolet to inspect the foundation to prevent any potential disaster. We also recommend you to inspect your foundations for both old or new constructions.

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Do You Notice Cracks in Your Walls?

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