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Visualisation sur caméra de l’intérieur d’un conduit

Camera Inspection of Drains in Gatineau

Is your French drain clogged?


At Entreprises Nolet we offer camera inspection in Gatineau to see the inside of the drains and the condition of the pipes.


Equipped with high-performance, state-of-the-art cameras, our professionals have the expertise and skills to accurately inspect the drains in your buildings. We take the time to check that your installations are well made and comply with regulations.


Problems can be identified and repairs carried out by means of an inspection. A camera inspection is useful before buying or selling a property and to prevent water damage. We serve the Outaouais and Gatineau regions. Do business with the technicians at Entreprises Nolet today!

Un technicien fait rentrer une caméra dans un conduit

State-of-the-art Cameras

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